17 Mar

I Sight Eyecare & Surgery

Well, my business got the much needed boost after partnering with datagrid for our online branding. our clientele now includes those in the virtual or digital world, who were being otherwise missed by us.

their promptness in dealing with problems and alertness in noticing good opportunity to tap new markets and clientbase is what really really made the difference. being from a non medical background, they quickly learnt to speak my language, and also understood how my business needs are slightly different from their other clients. the juniors are also very helpful and always open to dialogue and suggestion.

i knew one of the partners from a previous association, and have full faith in her. when i met the other partners and had a one-on-one, i knew that they look at this as passionately as i do. since we were all on the same page and equally motivated, there was no other choice who could match this. i am more than satisfied with datagrid and thier team . well done !

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