Mobile App: TO make or Not to make

Datagrid Solutions is a Software & IT Company having expertise in customised cloud-based and mobile application development. There are many times when we get requests from clients that they want to develop a website and/or mobile app or a customized application to support their business. These are Corporates, Ecommerce Startups, Tech startups, NGOs and professional service providers who are looking for developing their digital assets. Being a professional service provider company, it is our duty to understand their requirements and suggest the best possible solutions which are useful as well as cost-effective.

Once we understand their need, target geography, target audience and most important the use case for the end-user, we suggest them the correct approach and the most important answer to a question, whether they should DEVELOP A MOBILE APP OR NOT?

When should you develop a mobile app?

  • When your products and services are frequently used by your consumer. Example: If you want to sell your products online and have multiple categories of daily consumer products, then a mobile app will be the solution for you.
  • When you know that without using mobile technology, you can not achieve the expected goal. Example: a vehicle or person tracking app.
  • When there is a continuous to and fro of communication required with the end customer. For example: When regular updates need to be sent like a classifieds app where you receive bids for your requirement which is posted.
  • When you know that your consumers are part of a group who would like to be in constant touch with other group members. They would also like to get instant updates on the news, events and any important amendments. Example: Schools, NGOs, Social organizations, Religious organizations.
  • When you want to automate your internal processes like sales, accounts, finance and customer loyalty programs.

When you should not develop a mobile app?

  • When you are providing services like medical or legal. You do not require a mobile app as your customers are not directly doing transactions online. However, you do require a very good SEO friendly website so that people can reach you when they search on google. These people will generally not download your app as it is not a regular need and they will not block mobile memory for your app.
  • When you are a service provider and the frequency of use of your service by your end customer is not very high. In such cases a good website is required rather than a mobile app. Example: packers and movers, Service centers for electronic gadgets.

In short, you should always ask these questions to yourself

  • Will my user allow my app to occupy his mobile memory space for a long time?
  • Will he use my app frequently to bring ease to his life?
  • Is a mobile app a must for my consumer to get the best of my service?

So, if the answer is YES to the above questions then you should connect Datagrid Team to develop your mobile mobile app ( A website along with a mobile app is always recommended) else we will develop a professional website which is SEO friendly, crisp and can help you to build your brand at an affordable cost.