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Email Marketing is the strategy where you send an email with information or offers about your business to the inbox of your existing or prospective clients. The intention is to bring traffic to your website by clicks and links. Use of Email is increasing every minute. Email campaign is one of the most cost effective marketing tools because of it’s easy reach to the end user and easy access to email with smartphones.

To create an effective email marketing campaign, we need to implement the following key points.

  • Define a segment ( group of people ) whom you want to target. It can be based on gender, age, income, geography etc.
  • Write a good text email or create an eye catching graphical Responsive HTML email template
  • Give a meaningful yet catchy subject line to your email
  • Do A/B testing to know what works best
  • Well defined Call To Action buttons or link to bering user on your website
  • Perfect tracking system to know about delivery, open and clicks
  • Effective landing page on website to eliminate bounce rate

At Datagrid, our expert panel makes sure that we meet all the above criteria to have an impactful email campaign and best ROI

email marketing
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