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Analytics and ROI Calculation

ROI is expressed as a percentage and is used to compare a company’s profitability against different investments.

To calculate perfect ROI, we need very good support of tracking system and analytics. A data presented in a tabular format can not speak but if it is presented in graphical format, it can create wonders. When we talk about ROI, following are the most important points which needs to be considered.

  • Define your Goal and the data points which will be considered for decision making
  • Implement checkpoints at each stage of the user’s journey to track, how far he has moved towards your set goal
  • Present the data in a format which identifies the Dropping Point of a user in the conversion process and take corrective action
  • Generate the report at a set frequency like hourly, daily, weekly or monthly

We use google analytics as well as many other tools to know the exact user behaviour and lead generation success for your portal. The exact demographic helps us to redefine our goals as well as Business. At Datagrid, as our name suggest, we strongly believe in using the power of data as a catalyst for the success of your Digital Marketing Campaigns. “Data Driven Decision” – This is what we strive to achieve for our clients.

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